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lead by respect

Ingenium is
a family

Respect and friendship of Ingenium’s partners and managers, which they pass on to their team, have characterised it from the outset. We began this adventure to develop an independent energy company that produces clean, cheap and efficient electricity. Concerned about the environment and being respectful to people, we are growing solidly and sustainably to become a leader in developing renewable energy projects.



Work is impeccable, from negotiation phases to technical development of the projects.



We deliver what we say. We offer realistic conditions that make projects viable.



All our projects have obtained connection and are developed on time.

“We have this handy fusion reactor in the sky called the sun, you don't have to do anything, it just works. It shows up every day.”

Elon Musk

from a closer distance

The managers

Francisco Soriano

Chief Executive Officer

Strategy & Management

Senior executive director.

25+ years of experience in power electronics (solar inverters, UPS).

14+ years of experience in solar PV: project development, components sales, EPC,

Broad experienced in business development in multinational organizations and SMEs, as well as in internationalization processes.

Creating and leading teams for development, construction and O&M of solar farms.

Seasoned as Managing Director and CEO in top Spanish multinational solar companies.

Davide La Piano

Chief Operating Officer

Leadership & Creativity

Senior executive director.

Industrial engineer.

20+ years in the Energy Market across Europe.

15+ years of experience in solar PV and in Wind Farm: utility scale plants development, EPC and O&M.

Executive with proven entrepreneurial track record in start-ups and managing internationalization and growth processes. Broad multinational Experience

Seasoned as Managing Director and General Manager in International multinational companies.

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