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Whether you are an owner, an intermediary, a financial broker, an agent, an engineer or a developer, we have a proposition for you. We are interested in meeting you. As part of Ingenium’s growth strategy, we can acquire a project at any stage of development, or we can commission you to search for and select land for purchase or long-term lease.

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Land in agricultural or industrial areas with a nearby power line or a nearby substation connection.

We can reach a framework agreement where you locate land with the characteristics we need in exchange for a commission when the project is successful and a monthly fee for your expenses.

We can also give you a commission for a one-off transaction.

We legalise the purchase or long-term lease of the land before a notary once we confirm the availability of electricity connection.

Solar photovoltaic projects larger than 1 MW and wind projects above 20 MW.

We have multiple possibilities for collaboration, from the acquisition of the project in its current state, to cooperation to complete the development. Payments will take place as milestones of authorisation are reached until RtB (“Ready to Build”) or “Autorizzazione Unica” status in Italy is achieved.

We are interested in projects in Italy and Spain. Our preferred geographical areas in Italy are Lazio, Sardinia, Basilicata, Piedmont, Puglia and some areas of Sicily.

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